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Calling all Hikers 

Roles and Responsibilities of the Hiker

The hiker has the following general responsibilities 

  • Is personally responsible for carrying all the equipment as set below
  • Follows the instructions given by the leader or Tail End Charlie
  • Advises the leader of any medical or physical limitations
  • Sticks to the track unless otherwise directed by leader or TEC
  • If he/she leaves track for e.g. comfort stop another hiker waits on the track for their return
  • Carries a basic first aid kit as suggested below
  • Has a name tag visible on outside of their pack
  • Carries a Health Card as set out below
  • Hikers are encouraged to carry a cell phone as additional form of communication

If you become separated from the group

  • STOP                  Stop   -    Think     -    Observe     -    Plan
  • As soon as you realise you have become separated think about the last position you were with the group.  If confident back track
  • If unsure stay put and remain calm. Blow your whistle (3 times)
  • Keep warm and dry. Help is not far away

Equipment carried by each Hiker [Personal responsibility]

Suggested clothing - Cotton is not recommended

  Shorts/Trousers Long Sleeve warm top (Fleece or Wool)
  Short Sleeve top Waterproof Raincoat
  Warm Jacket/Windproof Jacket Sunhat/Beanie
  Sturdy Boots Thick socks
  Gloves Daypack
  Daypack Whistle
  Toilet paper (in plastic bag) Sunglasses/Sun block
  First Aid Kit Water Bottle
  Waterproof square for sitting on
  Morning tea - Lunch - Hot drink - Emergency Ration


Suggested First Aid Kit Contents

  small notebook and pencil pkt painkillers
  pkt anti-histamine Tablets Triangle Bandage
  10 cm crepe bandage 2pr disposable gloves
  safety pins pr scissors
  Outdoor First Aid Guide pr tweezers
  pkt non-stick dressings pkt ster strips
  band-aids splinter probes
  strapping tape personal medication
  insect repellent sunscreen

Health Card 

Each hiker will carry the Clubs Health card containing the following details. The card will be carried in the First Aid Kit container.

  • Your Name & Address
  • Your Doctors name and phone number
  • The name and phone contact details of next of kin or other contact
  • Any medical condition/and or medication you are taking

As a member of the party you may be asked to perform one of the following roles

Tail End Charlie

  • Remains at the tail of the group
  • Maintains communication with Leader

Radio Operator

  • Confirms their ability to operate the radio
  • Regularly listens in to communications
  • Advises leader of any items of importance


  Operates the vehicle within current traffic laws

·  Ensures that they return from the trip with the same number of passengers as they took, unless alternative arrangements are made and the leader is advised. On bus trips this responsibility exercised by the organiser. 

Roles and Responsibilities of the Leader

The leader has the following general responsibilities 

  • Checks weather before trip
  • Has knowledge of proposed walk either through previous experience or has a map
  • Ensures [in general terms] that individual hikers are walking within their personal capabilities.
  • May delegate the actual lead to others with clear instructions e.g. “wait at the top”
  • Selects and instructs Tail End Charlie and others [where more than two radios]
  • Assumes control in an emergency
  • Has a current First Aid Certificate or has knowledge of hikers who have a current First Aid Certificate
  • Keeps in contact [verbally or via radio] with TEC and others
  • Ensures number of hikers counted In and Out [note driver responsibilities]
  • Compass and map [Desirable]
  • Has responsibility for the radios and ensures they are in working order
  • PLB [Personal Locator Beacon] to be carried on hikes in bush areas
  • Group Leader to check all members have signed the Roles and Responsibilities Register

Leader’s action if Party Member has become separated 

The following general procedure should be used when it is known that a hiker has become separated from the group.

  • Main party STOPS – All think when missing Hiker last seen
  • Blow whistle [3 times] - listen for response
  • Brief search - two persons return back along the track
  • Devise a plan before taking further action
  • Contact Police if in cell phone range, alternatively send two people to walk out and ring police
  • Activate PLB should need arise

Leader’s action if MEDICAL Emergency arises

  • Stop and think! – Consider safety factors for patient and party
  • First Aider to take control of patient and render assistance as required, ensure patient is protected from heat/cold
  • Do not move patient unless situation requires
  • Delegate note taker to assist First Aider
  • Ensure rest of group protected from heat/cold
  • Obtain assistance as required either through cell phone, activating PLB or sending two people to walk out and ring Police

Responsibility of all Group Members

  • All members are to read and sign a register that they have read and understood the above roles and responsibilities on yearly basis

    updated 1st Jan 2018




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