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Who are we

a brief History of the North West Hikers

In 1985 the Bishopdale Tramping Club was formed.  Club membership increased and in 1990 a new group was formed and named the Bishopdale Ramblers.  Ten years of happy rambling was celebrated in 2000 at the yearly Club trip to Wanaka.  Again the increase in member numbers was the reason for dividing into two groups.  The Bishopdale Ramblers Gold group catered for those wishing to walk a slightly shorter distance and the Bishopdale Ramblers Silver group for those generally walking further.  There was some interchange between groups allowing walkers to choose the walk which best suited them on the day.

By November 2004 it was decided that the two groups would separate and operate independently.  The Gold group remained the Bishopdale Ramblers and the Silver group voted for the new name of  North West Hikers.  The steady increase in the number of people wishing to enjoy the outdoors and exploring the countryside of Canterbury on a weekly basis was evident in the eventual formation of this new group the North West Hikers.  There are still several members who originally started tramping with the Bishopdale Trampers in 1985 and continue enjoying their walks with the North West Hikers.  

Many happy days of hiking and tramping have been enjoyed and great friendships have been formed over the years.



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